ExhibReview – Urban Art Fair 2015 -Brixton, London

For a weekend in July every year, Josephine Avenue in Brixton becomes a showcase for the South London art scene.IMG_7545

The Urban Art Fair in Brixton highlights the extraordinary artistic talent in South London. It gives buyers the chance to meet and buy art directly from the artists creating a vibrant atmosphere. With food stalls, interactive installations and art to suit all budgets, this really is an event not to be missed.

There was a great array of painters at the show, many of which had London focused work. My personal favourite was Tom Cox, whose paintings of London street scenes had real depth highlighting the life of modern day Londoners, ranging from a big issue seller on a winter’s day outside Selfridges to an army of engineers about to start their night shift on the Underground. Photographer, Nadia Attura  stood out for me and Josephine Elvis’ photography was another highlight, her shots are spectacular.

Mixed Media artist Lucy Storrs creations were outstanding. Her work, primarily landscapes that were on display use fabric to create images from her memories. The colours were incredible. Matt Crump’s work (best viewed with 3D glasses) is interactive as when wearing the glasses, the canvas projects a different image was fun.

Printmaker Matt Jukes Monographs were one of my favourites also. His use of layering techniques and bold colours created attractive, elegant pieces.

Fanakapan in action, creating a piece for the Street Art Display. It can now be viewed in Brixton Square.

Fanakapan in action, creating a piece for the Street Art Display. It can now be viewed in Brixton Square.

At one end of Josephine Avenue was the Street Art organised by PositiveArts.co.uk. Here, a Container and white walls were placed and street artists were creating live work throughout the weekend. During my visit, Fanakapan was creating an incredible piece on one of the white walls. This work along with the other pieces created during the weekend are now on display at Brixton Square for two weeks.


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